WordPress is the powerful blogging and content management system the powers a third of the web. It is flexible and easy to use, providing a lot of creative freedom when planning out your next project.

Solid Foundations

WordPress is used the world over, with a thriving ecosystem of plugins and themes as well as extensive developer support, it is a great starting block for your next project.

A Redfinch site will keep you in control and provide you with the editing capabilities that are required to run a successful online business. There are no default templates that are shared between projects as no two websites are the same. You will have full control over your posts, pages and navigation areas through a simple and helpful control panel.

If there are more intricate requirements this is no problem. WordPress has an amazing customisation system that allow it to adapt to almost any workflow. Custom post types grow the site beyond just posts and pages. There are an abundance of third-party plugins to expand the functionality of the site.

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Search Engine Optimised

Redfinch sites are built to be well optimised for Search Engines using industry best practices.

It is critical that your customers can find you easily. With this in mind a site by Redfinch will be developed to provide you with the best possible chance of ranking highly on the major search engines. This is done without tricks or gimmicks, instead relying on the industry standard practices of:

  • Well defined Information Architecture
  • Structured and semantically organised content
  • High performance and mobile optimisation
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Bespoke Development

Sometimes an off the shelf solution simply doesn't cut it. If you have more complex requirements please get in touch about custom plugins and themes.

WordPress can be easily extended and with years of experience it is no problem to consider bespoke solutions to fit your unique requirements. I'll work with you to identify the core functionality and develop custom plugins that provide you with the tools needed to run your site.

Redfinch plugins adhere to WordPress standards and will always come with an easy to use interface and be extensible by other developers with the same hooks that would be expected from the core platform.