Site Audits

Just like regularly servicing your car, a website should be checked regularly to make sure that it is still performing well as technologies and best practices change. I can provide a detailed site audit to help you decide the next steps for your current site.

Performance & SEO

Slow load times are one of the largest factors affecting customer behaviour on the web. If your site is failing to perform then you may be finding that traffic is decreasing and with it potential returns.

Additionally, slower speeds directly impact Search Engine visibility. If you are not able to serve pages quickly enough you may soon find the site has been ranked lower and lower. This is critically important when considering the rate of mobile adoption as a means for browsing the web.

A site health check will identify the issues that cause slow loading times along with a series of recommendations to improve. This can range from those that are immediate fixes (large images often come under this category) to those requiring more involved work.

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Security Concerns

In the post GDPR world, it is imperative that customer data is kept safe. If you have been the victim of an attack or are concerned your site may be out of date I can help.

One of the most common causes of security issues is out of date software. WordPress especially has a reputation for lax security, however, this is nearly always caused by poorly maintained and low-quality plugins.

Poor data access control is another issue - do you know everyone that has access to your site?

I can provide a risk assessment report of your site, identifying issues such as:

  • Outdated plugins or those with known vulnerabilities
  • Access control and hosting issues
  • Server and underling software vulnerabilities
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Requirements Gathering

If you are looking to put together a specification for a new website it can be difficult without specialist knowledge. Ensure a successful project with some friendly advice.

When looking to replace or commission a brand new website it is vitally important that the specification is clear and achievable. In my experience working at agencies large and small is that a poorly defined brief will always lead to delays, stress and a sour taste for both parties.

Just like hiring a specialist when interviewing technical positions, I can provide a safety check before functional specifications are sent out to ensure that they are deliverable and cannot be misinterpreted by other parties.