Keeping up in the digital world can be a daunting task. If you are looking for advice and guidance on internal process management, developer team organisation and digital strategy I can help.

Process Management

It can be a fine balance between too much and not enough, getting it wrong can cause delays, repeated mistakes and impact team morale.

Lack of process management can cripple your ability to successfully deliver projects. Too often companies either try to provide processes for every situation or try to cut too much 'red tape'. The result is that staff feel constrained and flexible responses become impossible or no responsibility is taken and mistakes occur time and time again.

Getting that balance right provides a team with a successful framework for decision making, reducing stress and empowering them to take the initiative. It allows management to focus on long term strategy and no longer be the office firefighter.

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Developer Productivity

Developers can be a challenging group to manage for the non-technically minded, productivity cannot be bought with perks and pay rises.

Respect, autonomy and a feeling their professional opinions are taken on board. These are what all employees want. Perks and pay rises will provide short term relief but without these core attributes, staff turnover will continue to be high and productivity low.

Developers are no different, however, due to their specialised role can often be overlooked. To scale a business its important to understand and provide a nurturing environment for a strong developer team to grow. Reviewing the structure, the processes and the way an entire team communicates is a great way to enhance this understanding.

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Digital Strategy

Transforming a business to have a digital focus is a serious investment with the potential for great reward.

Transforming to a digital mindset is not a case of purchasing new software licenses and buying the team iPads. There are hundreds of services out there who are keen for you to pay monthly subscriptions with the promise of saving time, increasing productivity and keeping staff happy.

You need someone to cut through the sales talk and really focus on what aspects of your business need updating. If you are tired of manually processing orders, losing memos or are losing ground to a competitor it may be time to take the plunge.